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Another White Woman Plays The Imaginary Black Criminal Game


Ashley Casey Martin is the latest loser of the centuries old imaginary Black criminal game.

And luckily social media busted Ashley for the fraud she is before police could actually question 3 random Black men that she accused of attacking her. This twisted game has been played successfully by a lot of White men and women because they are well aware that most people instantly believe every word that comes out of their mouths.


The Texarkana, Texas liar and racist with a wack makeup job that is an insult to raccoons posted on Facebook that 3 Black men jumped her at a Walmart.

Ashley of course portrays herself as a total innocent by saying that the loud Black men hit her after she politely told them to stop cussing in front of her 3-year-old daughter.


Walmart of course had no surveillance video of the so called crime and the Texarkana police department had no record of a police report.

And predictably many people have tried to deflect the serious nature of what Ashley did with that tired ass mental illness excuse.

Ashley — who was obviously pressed that she didn’t succeed in getting 3 Black men caught up or killed was still in victim mode when she gave her haters the middle finger.



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