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No Shame: Dylann Roof’s Sister Hits Up GoFundMe For Money


Nine murder victims have been laid to rest. Black churches are burning. The battle to do away with the Confederate flag continues.

And a evil demon is currently in jail but if you are Dylann Roof’s sister Amber the most traumatic thing by far is figuring out how to pay for your wedding.

Amber Roof — who had to suffer the inconvenience of canceling her wedding after her brother murdered nine people tried it with the GoFundMe hustle.

Nine people are gone forever and their families have to deal with the pain for the rest of their lives — ┬ábut according to Amber her “perfect day” was lost and she wants help creating a new start and new memories.


And to pour salt on the wound — Amber had the nerve to offer 10% out of the 5,000 she was asking to the church where her evil demon brother murdered 9 people.

Of course once the GoFundMe account became viral — the Bat-Signal was sent out and people went to work and within hours the page went bye bye.

Now Amber Roof needs to take her behind to the courthouse to get married instead of using this tragedy to beg for coins.

And she should ask Judge James Gosnell for 5,000 dollars — I’m sure she will have no problem getting it from him because after all — The Roof family are the real victims.


Amber Roof’s now deleted GoFundMe


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