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Damage Control: Teen Vogue Puts 3 Black Women On The Cover

Teen Vogue recently learned the hard way what happens when you feature a hairstyle originated by Africans on women 2 or 3 shades lighter than a brown paper bag.

And it’s obvious Teen Vogue knew exactly what they were doing when they had biracial and White women repping Senegalese twists in their magazine — because after all you don’t want to scare off your young White teen fan base by featuring women that look “too black”



Twitter of course ripped Teen Vogue a new one for excluding women 3 shades darker than a brown paper bag and for acting like Senegalese¬†Twist is a new, trendy and edgy style — here is a sampling


tv-tweet-2 tv-tweet-1


The Twitter bashing was definitely not a good look for Teen Vogue — which is why they get the “I see what you did there” award of the week for featuring three Black women on the cover right after the e-beatdown they received.


And the fashion industry is notorious for throwing crumbs, when they are filling their quota for Black cover models.


Aya Jones, Lineisy Montero and Imaan Hammam.




Whenever they want to make a weak effort to show how “diverse” they are or when their hand is forced — a Black model or two or another WOC, will be on a major fashion magazine cover once every couple of years and then it’s back to business as usual.


Teen Vogue just killed three birds with one stone by having 3 Black models on the cover. And of course whenever a Black or Woman of color graces the cover of a fashion magazine people will always debate whether they are authentic or not.


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