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Boom: Kendra & Hank Are Milking His Affair Until The Last Drop

For those who reguarly watch Kendra On Top — you are well aware that Kendra is lazy and Hank is a emasculated simp, who has struggled after retiring from the NFL.


Kendra’s mom clearly misses her daughter being apart of Hef’s harem & if she had her way – she would have made Kendra stay at the Playboy Mansion and wait for a man with one foot in the grave to put a ring on it.


And the M.O. of thirsty couples who rely on reality shows for their main source of income is to manufacture drama or conveniently do something ratchet just before a new season begins filming.


Hank of course got caught up with a transsexual before season 3 aired and still refuses to say outright that he had sexual relations with Ava Sabrina London.


And like a dog with a bone Kendra & Hank will not let go of this scandal until they have milked every penny out of it.


Hank’s ratchetness not only guaranteed them at least 2 more seasons of Kendra On Top but they got a Watch It series out of it — that reviewed Season 3 and a appearance on Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars. And Kendra is doing the most with her catchphrases — Boom ! Boom ! Boom !, Rise Up & The Devil Has Eaten Your Soul.


Hank is still acting like a clueless simp in a new interview with People Magazine where he says a random person who just happened to be a transsexual fondled his penis through his shorts.


Hank wound up at that particular location after approaching more random people and asking them how can he get the weed hook up. Hank needs more people because there is no way in hell his story sounds believable but Kendra of course says he is telling the truth.


 Kendra & Hank will continue to ride this story until the wheels fall off when Kendra On Top returns in August.

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