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Politically Incorrect ? Lil Scrappy Speaks On Transgender People


It’s obvious that a lot of people pretend to be tolerant of LGBT, Asians, Blacks..etc in public but when they are behind closed doors or hiding behind a screen name on computer its a different story.


Once Caitlyn Jenner transitioned — The floodgates totally opened and just about everyone had to put their two cents in. In a recent interview with Vlad TV Lil Scrappy — one of the stars of the ratchet telenovela Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, tells everyone what he thinks about Caitlyn Jenner and Transgender people.


And for those who watch faithfully watch LHHATL — you should already be well versed with the words from the Scrapmillan dictionary, so there are no excuses if you can’t translate the following …..




Is Scrappy keeping it real or real ignorant ?

Scrappy says it’s racial because there is no way a Black man could get away with transitioning like Caitlyn & make millions from it.

Ain’t no money bitch — you is ruined you gonna be ruined.  Ain’t no black man gonna stand up and say my whole life I felt like a woman but I was just holding it down for my kids and my bitch. We gonna get assassinated by us — we don’t play that shit. We ain’t fittin to look at you on a Wheaties Box all these years. You a man’s man — men look up you and you come up there and say you want a poon-nah-e and not a diz-nah-e


The reason why he thinks Hillary will win and the ghetto philosopher tells boys and girls to basically stay in their own lane.

Hillary will win because women are stronger. And men now wanna be them.

I love my d*ck , feel me — I want to be a man. I like to stand up and pee. I like to swing my shit.

Scrappy tells young boys to stick to what you made to be. If you got a penis, be a penis

If you got a p*ssy, rock your p*ssy


As for men getting rid of their diz-nah-e

I ain’t with that shit, keep my dick on me —  hold on, but i ain’t saying nothing about gay people though

I have a problem with people that hide it

Sitting up there with big ass man hands and arms but talking about my name Caitlyn bitch.


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