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Ratchet Reality Report #4: Nene, Hazel E, Joe Budden, Evelyn…Etc

1. Kenya Moore no doubt tried to play it cool on social media after Nene announced that she is leaving RHOA for good — but we all know better.

Kenya is probably still doing cartwheels because she finally has a clear shot at what she wanted since she set foot on the set — to be the queen bee.



2. Chateau Sheree has become something of an urban legend — but after years of construction the home looks like it’s in the final stages of completion.

And it appears that Sheree is still the same pretentious person with a Birkin & a air mattress who would rather go broke trying to keep up with the Joneses than admit her bank account is on life support.





3. This is just a sampling of the petty back & forth between Meek Mill & Joe Budden. Joe started it by saying on his podcast that a dark-skinned guy like Meek is acting real thirsty because he isn’t used to bad b*tches like light-skinned guys.

It sounds like the irrelevant light-skinned guy is in his feelings because the dark-skinned relevant guy got Nicki Minaj, while the light-skinned guy is reduced to doing VH1 reality shows.

meek-mill-joe-budden-2 meek-mill-joe-budden-1



4. The thirst is real for Kirk Frost of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta who got arrested for being apart of a biker gang that had the streets of Atlanta shook.

Kirk and company did things like ride their bikes on sidewalks and run red lights. Now that Kirk and Rasheeda have overstayed their welcome with the same tired storyline — will Kirk’s lame ass bad boy act give them a lifeline for Season 5 ?




5. Brandi Glanville — who just got the boot from the Housewives of Beverly Hills told Howard Stern that she dated a Black actor named Mehcad Brooks & his peen was so big he had to wear special condoms.

Pushing the rewind button – Brandi is the same person who committed racial ratchetness against Joyce Giraud. Isn’t it funny how those White women who make derogatory comments about women of color never hesitate to hop on Black peen.




6. Benzino and Althea are confirmed for season 4 of Marriage Bootcamp Reality Stars. Sundy Carter and her man are reportedly supposed to be in the mix to but not to long ago Sundy said she wanted no parts of negative reality shows.

But considering how Zino & Althea got 200 G’s — Sundy likely changed her mind real quick for a paycheck.




7. If you missed It: Hazel E & Masika went at it for like the 234th time.

Masika made fun of Hazel breaking her nose, Hazel made fun of Masika’s struggle vocals and Masika played the pot calling the kettle black game when she criticized Hazel for letting Katt Williams buy her a Porsche¬†& a home in the Hollywood Hills.

It sounds like Masika is low key jealous that Hazel beat her at her own game — in record time and Masika has to play catch up. Because she has spent years putting in “work” with industry men — and none of them offered to buy her a house in the Hollywood Hills.

masika-vs-hazel-2 masika-vs-hazel-1



8. Erica Mena continues to throw stones while living in a glass house.

Recently she made an unnecessary¬†comment on Instagram about the mother of Bow Wow’s child being a baby mama (she is one herself) Erica made the post go bye bye & then tried to blame the blogs for starting shit.




As for Bow Wow — he went there and wrote that he wished he never had a child with his baby mama. Apparently Joie Chavis didn’t want Erica at her daughter’s party (can you blame her though)





And Bow Wow talks about his fiance like she is a Build A Bear when he said he puts her on a pedal stool (pedestal) because he totally made her over — of course the interwebs clowned him for that.





9. If you missed It:  Emily B & Fabolous just had another baby boy & Emily received a lot of criticism for flexing her body on Instagram right after she gave birth.

The need to be “on” and for e-approval with a lot women on Instagram is soo strong that it’s not surprising that Emily felt she had to prove to people behind a computer that her body still looks good after baby #3.





10. Rich Dollaz managed to be the last original cast member standing on Love & Hip Hop New York & now he is set to cross over to Love & Hip Hop Hollywood because he is rolling with Moniece.

I see what you did there Rich — well played.




11. Tami Roman just announced that she is pregnant by her much younger boyfriend Reggie after saying she didn’t want anymore kids.

Also Tami & Shaunie let it be known they are coming to Basketball Wives L.A — to take it off life support because the show is wack. Ummm — if BBWLA is soo bad why wasn’t the Miami version resurrected with new “wives” to join Shaunie & Tami.




12. Recently K. Michelle confronted Draya about the ugly comment she made.

Clearly uncomfortable — Draya didn’t want it with K. Michelle. But based off what she has said before — it does come off like Draya thinks she is better than darker Black women for obvious reasons. Anyone else remember her comment regarding Jackie’s daughter when she said Orlando prefers girls that look like her & not Chantel.





13. In another sneak preview for Livin Lozada — Evelyn says she would go through what she did with Chad again & again because it gave her — her fiance & son.

It’s obvious that Evelyn is hoping this show will repair her image but is the same ol table hopping, bottle throwing, gold digging, mean girl lurking beneath the surface ?


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