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Raven Gets Cut Down To Size By Nicolle Wallace On The View

Raven Symone had it coming…


Trolling the Black community for months not only got The View some much needed publicity but it landed her a permanent seat on the panel.


The colorless actress had plenty to say to Essence & US Magazine about Black Twitter. She dismissed Black Twitter during an interview with Essence Live. Raven said she doesn’t read it or pay attention to it.


And she told a girl who confronted her about the things she said about Black people that she was sorry she felt that way but she speaks for herself. Raven then told the girl she needs to look at the bigger picture.


Raven laughed when she told Us that Oprah was right about Black Twitter hating her forever.



Yesterday Raven got a wakeup call when she got a taste of her own medicine. During the panel discussion about Ben Carson’s dislike of selfies Raven put her two cents in.

Full of self importance Raven went on to say that she doesn’t mind selfies as long as she is asked and she doesn’t like signing her name because it gives her hand cramps.


Nicolle Wallace must have had a GTFOH moment because she started laughing when she said to Raven “Are you that famous”


Candace Cameron Bure joined in on the shadefest when she laughed at Raven right along with Nicolle. Raven’s facial expression was priceless — clearly embarrassed she had no comeback after Nicolle took her down a couple of notches.

In a “I see what you did there” moment Raven then thanked Nicolle for putting her in check.

I doubt Raven would have had the same response if Rosie put her in check.


Rosie Perez — who knew how to get Raven together to is leaving the sinking ship called The View to concentrate on her acting career.



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The shade after the 7 minute mark

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