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Xscape Unsung On TVOne — 5 Things To Know

1. Typical of most girl groups — they let men get between them.

It never fails — if you throw a couple of men into the mix it’s usually a recipe for disaster. Kandi hooked up with Xscape’s boss/producer Jermaine Dupri which caused tension in the group. Then they actually thought it was a good idea to hire R. Kelly’s ex security guard & Tocha’s boyfriend as their manager.

And once T.I. the control freak entered the picture after the group was on life support — Tiny’s chances of returning to the group were slim to none.



2. LaTocha Scott was the main one pulling the power plays & now the tables have turned

Tamika Scott has gone up & down the chitlin circuit doing plays & Tocha Scott lasted only one Season on the now canceled R&B Divas Atlanta. Tiny and Kandi by far have had the most success post Xscape with songwriting and Reality TV.

But if you push the rewind button — LaTocha’s ego was on swole and she thought her solo career was going to slay the game.


Kandi made no secret of the fact that her & Tocha always had beef.  Kandi sang lead on a lot of Xscape’s songs but once other producers entered the picture for album #3 — they played the usual divide and conquer game with the lead singer — by pushing Tocha only leads.


Both Tiny & Kandi confirmed Tocha had plans before the 3rd album when she told Kandi that she can go on & do her modeling thing and Tiny & Tamika can keep on having babies. Tocha of course had a revisionist history moment with her solo ambitions.

Tocha & husband Rocky — who is also Xscape’s ex manager.



And that solo album is probably buried in dust still sitting on the shelf.  Currently Tocha & Tamika need that Xscape reunion to happen way more than Kandi & Tiny.


3. If New York radio doesn’t give their stamp of approval 1st — you have an uphill battle to prove yourself.


New York radio is notorious for taking themselves a bit to serious. They consider themselves the guardians of Rap & Hip Hop & woe unto most who dare to come from somewhere other than NY.


NWA were considered bamas with jheri curls who couldn’t get played on NY radio at first & Xscape were considered the ugly girls who dressed like dudes.



It didn’t help that then like now — Xscape is the forgotten group and TLC & SWV are the two groups that come to mind 1st, despite the fact that Xscape had the best voices.


Biggie — who had zero room to talk called them ugly bitches. Colorism no doubt played a huge part due to the best singer being plus sized and dark skinned. Also Xscape didn’t give off sex appeal — which was not a good thing.



Because we know that was a big part of TLC & SWV’s appeal — all the members were pretty. Jermaine Dupri had a lot to do with their female Jodeci image problem when he wanted Kandi to get a tattoo and a nose piercing.  Xscape’s rough around the edges image softened in due time.



4. Like most groups — there is a forgotten member

If you look at pictures of a lot of groups pre fame — that one member that got the boot always looks out of place. Tamera Coggins-Wynn got the boot after Xscape’s manager at the time told them Tamera’s signing was off & she wasn’t a good fit for the group.



The rest of the members voted Tamera off the island. Today Tamera Coggins-Wynn is now a businesswoman.



5. Xscape is never ever getting back together.

Kandi & LaTocha Scott got into a psychical fight after Tocha ran her mouth a little too much about Kandi’s personal life. Tamika Scott got in the middle & Kandi started fighting her to. In the group — Kandi & Tiny were on one side and Tocha & Tamika were on the other.

Tocha was ego tripping. Kandi & Tiny tried the duo thing — that turned into songwriting & a Grammy win. They tried to reboot Xscape with Keisha Miles.



Tocha’s “the show won’t go on without me” antics backfired when she refused to give her man the boot out of group business and Tiny left the group. Kandi left after her hand was forced & she gave up her rights to Xscape. Tamika got tired of “Tocha broke up the group” stories — so she decided to air Kandi out on a radio show in 2007.


Tamika’s insincere apology to Kandi — with a smirk.



Tamika felt the wrath of Mama Joyce. The Scott sisters were the only ones on stage at So So Def’s anniversary. And we know that once Kandi, Mama Joyce & T.I. blocked the door —  that Xscape reunion tour is never gonna happen.





After the Unsung — Xscape’s music got hot on ITunes & Amazon. And here is a sampling of what went down between Tocha, Kandi & Tiny on Twitter.

xscape-tweet-2 xscape-tweet-1 xscape-tweet

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