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Thirsty R&B Savior Tyrese Uses A Homeless Woman For Promo


You can always count on know-it-all internet philosopher Tyrese to either say or do something that will have you rolling your eyes.


Despite the fact that Tyrese still has issues with his ex-wife, isn’t married or in a long term relationship — he never misses a opportunity to lecture women on how they should conduct themselves.


And all of the trolling Tyrese has done with misspelled words has paid off. Thanks to OWN — Tyrese and Rev Run will now have a platform to unleash their “Manology” on women all over America — with a prime time talk show.


Black Rose Promotion



When it comes to promoting what he says is his last album “Black Rose” — you know an attention whore like Tyrese will never do things quietly.


In what can only be described as extremely inappropriate and ratchet — the self-proclaimed savior of R&B went to Instagram to post a special public service announcement.




And the attention whoring was in full effect because Tyrese stands in front of what appears to be a homeless woman.


He then compares the sorry state of R&B to the sleeping woman with the following  “We got a lot of people sleeping on R&B,” Tyrese says, later turning with a scornful look to the woman and asking “hello?” with no response.




Of course Tyrese did a poof be gone to the post and also hit up a NYC subway train in promo mode — asking people to download Black Rose.

Tyrese’s hustling worked because his last solo CD “Black Rose” is due to drop at number 1 on Billboard with 55-60K sold.

Also Tyrese’s Sahara desert level of thirst over Empire paid off because he has been added to the Season 2 cast.


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