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Race Baiting: Hot 97 Gets A E-Beatdown For Trolling Black Women

This weeks “I see what you did there” moment belongs to Hot 97 of NYC & Ebro In The Morning. And typical of One Trick Ponies who are too lazy to be intelligent and creative — Hot 97 relied on a classic race bait topic to amuse themselves.


They threw a boulder and then tried to hide their hands after tweeting a picture of Michelle Obama with the caption “Do Black Women Have An Attitude Problem”


After throwing out the bait — and expecting to be validated,  Ebro instead got the script flipped on him courtesy of Black Twitter. Hot 97 then made the Tweet go bye bye.



And seeing right through Ebro’s attempt to make Hot 97 relevant again at the expense of Black women, Twitter let him & Hot97 know they will not tolerate the trolling with misogynistic garbage.



One user in particular told him to make tomorrow’s bait topic about Black men and how it’s up to them to stop provoking police.


Ebro then resorted to backpedaling by trying to gaslight people into believing their anger was misplaced because after all — he was trying to tackle stereotypes.



But those who were listening when the tweet went viral reported that the question was meant to belittle Black women.


Ebro and The Morning crew were very satisfied that they succeeded in poking the hornet’s nest when they all laughed at “angry black women” and got a kick out of men calling in and disrespecting Black women.


But then again  — this tweet said it all, regarding why Ebro feels comfortable degrading Black women. And former Hot 97 host K. Foxx already confirmed that Ebro has anger issues toward Black women.



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