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Future The Sperminator Continues To Spill The Tea On Ciara

Professional baby daddy Future was still in IDGAF mode days after being called dishonest & ignorant by Ciara.

During a new interview this morning with The Breakfast Club — Future aired Ciara out again. The Sperminator was there to talk about his music but it was obvious he couldn’t resist poking the hornet’s nest when he let it be known he did not appreciate Russell Wilson pushing his son’s stroller.


Here is the rundown of what Future talked about.

1. Future felt he had to get his side out because Ciara was just letting people go in on him. She went along with the cheating rumors & never defended him.

2. Women have to accept him the way he is now — because he tried to change for Ciara.¬†Future says a pic of him smoking weed on Instagram was an issue because of how badly it reflected on Ciara.

3. He knows the music he dropped when he was with Ciara wasn’t good because their relationship overshadowed his music.

4. Charlamagne’s messy ass and Future laughed about “the curse” where every dude that Ciara got with kinda fell off. Future says he is back now.




5. Ciara got lawyers involved after she thought Future’s social media account with gun & football emojis was real. Future says of course he doesn’t want another man pushing his son and then says the #1 rule — that if a dude was pushing him in a stroller with his mom, he would get up out of the stroller & smack the shit out of him.


He goes on to say “you don’t do that in our community” Ciara knew Russell for only a couple of months & he is pushing the stroller “Future says “who does that” Future also believes that Ciara set Russell up for that stroller pic because she has nannies & assistants. Future says he doesn’t need Russell — Ciara does. And he wants her to leave their son out of her relationship.


6. He tried to tell Ciara as her man not to chase pop success & stay in her lane — she didn’t listen.



7. Future says that Ciara would have never had a baby by him if he was a deadbeat and when he was with her — she took care of his children.

8. Made a joke about making 0 from his career because if the baby mama’s knew how much he really made — they would want more money.

9. Future says he takes care all of his kids but if he buys one of his baby mama’s a home – he is not having some other dude laying up in it.

10. He says superstars & regular women will mess with him regardless of his 4 kids 4 baby mama’s


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