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Black Twitter Turns The Tables On #GrowingUpWhite


It all started on Twitter yesterday when the hashtag #GrowingUpBlack was a trending topic.


Those who can relate know that the observations were spot on — to Vaseline being used for 10 different things — to the Royal Dansk cookie tin being used for everything but cookies.





Everyone was having a good time reminiscing about #GrowingUpBlack — until another hashtag tried to hijack it.


It appears that a lot of Whites felt like that unpopular kid sitting by themselves at recess who feels left out of the popular kids clique.




Instead of admitting that they resented being excluded they started #GrowingUpWhite, which unsurprisingly got passive aggressive & racist real quick.


Of course the explanation for starting #GrowingUpWhite was that #GrowingUpBlack was racist.








But it comes off more like sour grapes due to jealousy over Blacks showing solidarity over things a lot of them don’t understand. Black Twitter & other users did not tolerate the shenanigans and turned the tables on #GrowingUpWhite.

#GrowingUpMexican and #GrowingUpArab hashtags started after #GrowingUpBlack but yet a lot of people got angry over #GrowingUpBlack — we know why & all we can do is shake our heads.


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