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Lottery Stupidity: 188M Winner Is Living With A Heroin Dealer


This story is bound to make a lot of people mad because the 1st thing that comes to mind is — why do so many idiots with poor judgement win the lottery — when all I can win is 2.00 from a scratcher.


You had a feeling the minute 26-year-old Marie Holmes went on a publicity blitz after her Feb – 188 M dollar Power Ball win, that it wouldn’t be long before we heard from her again  – for the wrong reasons.


Because the woman who was happy to show off her winning lottery ticket couldn’t leave the hoodrat life alone. On Thursday night she was cited for simple marijuana possession in New Brunswick County, NC after a search warrant. Earlier this year — Marie told the press how she wanted to go back to school, take care of her kids & donate to her church.


But according to wwaytv3 — Marie Holmes was behind the huge 3 million donation to bail out heroin dealer and live in boyfriend Lamarr McDow weeks after she took the 88M lump sum.


The ain’t shit dope boy is also a confirmed gang member. McDow was charged with firearm possession – by a felon, after he violated the curfew requirements. And the gun was of course registered to Marie Holmes.


What’s scary about this story is that this woman probably spent more money financing her ain’t shit boyfriend’s illegal activities — than funding her children’s college & trust funds. Let’s hope Marie can turn it around.


Even the New Brunswick County Sheriff’s know Marie is an easy mark because they probably raised his bail to 6 million — knowing there is a 80% chance she will pay it.


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