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GoFundMe Hustle: Ex Lesbian Wants 1G To Stay Straight


GoFundMe has become the go to place for e-welfare.

If you want to become an instant millionaire after killing a African-American, go to Vegas to watch a Mayweather fight or become lazy grifter who loves plays catfish — GoFundMe is your ATM service.

Chelsie René is an ex lesbian who needs your help. She has been trying to pray the gay away and wants you to give her 1,000 so she can go on a shopping spree.


The Nikes and men’s clothing that Chelsie wore when she was a lesbian went bye bye.


The 1G is going towards Chelsie buying more women’s clothing and makeup, so she can stay straight. Of course there are those who believe that gay is gay and no amount of prayer can erase it.

So far Chelsie Rene got 480.00

Chelsie’s GoFundMe    http://www.gofundme.com/e64v6n7yd8g


Of course people had to put their 2 cents in — some were pressed that Chelsie got close to 500.00, while their GoFundMe accounts are collecting dust. And other commenters were pissed that a lesbian is begging for money to play dress up.



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