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T.D. Jakes Goes In On The Braxton Sisters Shenanigans

This season of Braxton Family Values felt like Groundhog Day, with the exception of one episode.

It seemed like even T.D. Jakes knew the Braxton Sister’s were a lost cause because he ceased with his Come To Jesus sermon and went right into prayer mode.


And the one sister who looked shook during Bishop Jakes’s tongue lashing was Toni.┬áToni has a lot to do with the dysfunctional dynamic between the sisters but she clearly feels she is above being held accountable for anything.




When T.D. called them spoiled and a disgrace, all of the sisters (with the exception of Towanda) looked shocked because they probably thought Tamar was going to be the sole focus of T.D.’s verbal beatdown.


Before the Bishop read the Braxton’s — Traci & the rest of the sisters were unbothered by Tamar’s crying.



Another sister who feels like she is above being held accountable is Towanda. She set in motion that “surprise” at Tamar’s show to purposely undermine her. She also enjoys excluding Tamar & then acts like she has noo idea why Tamar isn’t around.


Towanda — the master manipulator is also well aware of what buttons to push with Tamar. Because she makes sure Tamar is put into situations where she acts out, which of course proves Towanda’s point — that Tamar is spoiled and loud brat.


The distance Towanda put between herself & Tamar was telling.



The Braxton’s will never admit to the jealousy & resentment that exists between them. Toni is used to being the only star in the family that everyone knowtows to.


When the show started no one expected the rest of the sister’s to do much of anything — except sing backup for Toni.


When Tamar became the breakout star (and not so humble about it at times) it made things worse. And Towanda clearly needs lyanla to help fix her life because she is still angry and tries to sabotage Tamar to teach her a lesson.


Never getting to the root of the problem & the need for a paycheck is why the Braxton Sister’s shenanigans will likely continue until the last episode.


Towanda laughing when T.D. singled Tamar out



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