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Killer Darren Wilson Says Mike Brown’s Upbringing Was Wrong


Despite the fact that Darren Wilson’s mother Tonya Dean was a criminal, who likely committed suicide because she couldn’t stand the thought of being held accountable for her crimes — her deal ol son is still trying to make her a loving & sympathetic figure.

Dean was loving, Wilson said. “She never wanted to hurt us.” He added, “But when it came to money she was going to get it, one way or another.” Dean, who had been told by a psychiatrist that she was bipolar, began engaging in elaborate cons, at one point posing as an heiress poised to inherit millions of dollars.

But when it comes to Mike Brown — it’s obvious that Darren does not give a shit and refers to him like he is a different species. And Darren has a revisionist history moment, when he looks down on Mike Brown & says he didn’t have the best upbringing — when his own childhood was screwed because of his con artist mother.

Twice, I asked him if he had reflected on what kind of person Brown was. The first time I asked, it was early May, and Brown’s parents had just filed their civil lawsuit against him. “You do realize that his parents are suing me?” he said. “So I have to think about him.” He went on, “Do I think about who he was as a person? Not really, because it doesn’t matter at this point. Do I think he had the best upbringing? No. Not at all.”


Notice how stories involving a White person who committed a crime always uses language like “He was a good student” “He is a family man” to try to minimize what they did because after all — they are soo virtuous & innocent.

Here is how Darren Wilson is described


Wilson, a former Boy Scout with round cheeks and blue eyes, speaks with a muted drawl.


Red Flag that Darren Wilson didn’t belong on the police force — he wanted to play supercop in a Black, high crime area so he can get the recognition he felt he was entitled to.

He seemed directionless and unhappy. In 2008, the real-estate market crashed, and he could no longer find jobs. He applied to the Eastern Missouri Police Academy and was accepted. Being a police officer, he reasoned, was a recession-proof career.

Wilson felt that working in a tough area would propel his career. “If you go there and you do three to five years, get your experience, you can kind of write your own ticket,” he said.

Wilson applied for a police job, he focussed on the northern portion of St. Louis County.


The killer cop clearly wasn’t used to being around Black people when he was a rookie in Jennings – so he went to another officer for help.

“Mike, I don’t know what I’m doing. This is a culture shock. Would you help me? Because you obviously have that connection, and you can relate to them. You may be white, but they still respect you. So why can they respect you and not me?”


Surprise, Surprise — Jennings has a history of racial ratchetness

In April, 1973, someone wrote, “Men, you better leave your wallets at home. Niggers are going to come in the police station next and rob us.” December, 1979, an eighteen-year-old black male who was believed to have been involved in the shooting of a police officer but was then released, “due to his lack of mental capacity.” Below this, someone had scrawled, “Kill the Fucker.”


Darren Wilson had a “I see what you did there” moment when he talks about Blacks and the “right & better” culture they should pick — when referring to a Black woman & her kids who couldn’t stay out of trouble.

In his telling, there was no reaching the blind woman’s kids: “They ran all over the mom. They didn’t respect her, so why would they respect me?” He added, “They’re so wrapped up in a different culture than—what I’m trying to say is, the right culture, the better one to pick from.”


Wilson still closes his eyes to the racist police culture that contributed to the environment in Ferguson.


In 2011, an e-mail circulated by police supervisors and court staff joked that a black woman who had an abortion was practicing good crime control.



Now Darren Wilson prefers to be around “like minded individuals” — Translation: I feel comfortable around racist Whites like myself because they still treat me as a hero for killing a Black man.


I asked Wilson if he missed walking outside and going to restaurants. He told me that he still ate out, but only at certain places. “We try to go somewhere—how do I say this correctly?—with like-minded individuals,” he said. “You know. Where it’s not a mixing pot.”


The Full Story


One year later & nothing has changed in Ferguson



As usual the press is shaping the narrative in remembrance of Mike Brown — where noble Whites have to pray for and hide from angry & violent Blacks who really want to riot.




And Police who believe that violent is the default setting of African-Americans were out in riot gear.

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