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A Fool & Her Money: Lotto Winner Pays 9 Mil To Bail Out Fiance

In a previous post — I wrote that the Sheriff’s probably raised Marie Holmes’s fiance’s bail to 6 million because they knew she would be stupid enough to pay it.

And based off of the actions of past Lottery winners like David Lee Edwards who blew through 12 of the 27 million he won in 1 year — it makes perfect sense that Marie would go running back to the bondsman to bail out her heroin dealer fiance.

Lamarr McDow, covers his face after being released. He was on lockdown in a Brunswick County, NC jailĀ since July 23rd for violating curfew.


Despite the fact that Lamarr McDow got caught up on heroin charges after a 1 year investigation and was busted during a traffic stop – where 1,600 bags of the drug were seized, Marie took to Facebook to deny the obvious about her ain’t shit fiance.

Somewhat acknowledging that she spent a total of 9 million to bailĀ Lamarr McDow out, Marie tries to shame those who are questioning her stupid ass decisions by evoking the name of Jesus. She also said her dear ol fiance, who now has to wear a GPS monitoring device — is no drug dealer or user.


And like a true ride or die chick — Marie will probably blow through another 3 million to try to keep her dope boy fiance out of jail.

A Fool and her money are soon parted.


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