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Lowe’s Bows Down To Racist Customer & Replaces Black Driver

A now former manager of a Lowe’s in Danville, Va. thought he went into a hot tub and woke up in 1950 because in 2015 — he actually granted a White customer’s request to ban Black driver and replace him with a White one.

The driver, Marcus Bradley couldn’t believe what the hell he was hearing and let the White driver complete the delivery.  But Marcus wasn’t about to let Lowe’s get away with doing him dirty, so he went straight to the media & told his story.

ABC-13 confronted the racist, who obviously still believes she is in the Jim Crow era — where Blacks had to obey White command or else …


“I got a right to have whatever I want and that’s it.”

When asked if she feels bad about the delivery driver the woman responded, “No, I don’t feel bad about nothing.”

Looking like she has hate oozing out of her pores.


All of the individuals at Lowe’s who were involved in committing racial ratchetness got the boot. Marcus, who has worked at Lowe’s for 11 years will return to his regular route and he also received an apology from a senior exec.

As for the racist White woman, who looks like she has one foot in the grave — what will she do if she needs CPR and the 1st paramedic to arrive at her house is a Black man ?

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