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Whole Foods — Stop Lying About That 6 Dollar Asparagus Water

Whole Foods tried it — once again.

Obviously they didn’t learn their lesson after getting caught up overcharging customers. Clearly in IDGAF mode — Whole Foods in Brentwood, CA thought they could pull a fast one and put three stalks of asparagus in water and sell it for 5.99

But Whole Foods has quite the rep for catering hipsters and the elitists who believe they are just a little bit better than mere mortals who shop at common places like Food 4 Less and El Super.

Once the image went viral — Whole Foods denied that they were trying to sell asparagus in water that probably came from the bathroom sink.

But they took the time to create detailed labels for a product that supposedly doesn’t exist.



Whole Foods was likely trying to test another overpriced, health snob product with yoga moms first at the Brentwood store before they rolled it out to other upscale locations.


Whole Foods damaged their rep by being greedy & now they are trying to win back customers & undermine the competition by opening 365 by Whole Foods. These stores are cheaper alternatives to Whole Paycheck.



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