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LHHH: Insecure Has-Beens Refuse To Film With Gay Rapper

The closet that many rappers are in will stay wrapped in chains & padlocked because we know the chances of a gay A, B or C list rapper appearing on Love & Hip Hop are slim to none.

And ever since Love & Hip Hop Hollywood premiered it has been in Atlanta’s shadow. No doubt, the ring master of the Love & Hip Hop circus Mona Scott Young was aware of that because she recently hired D list rapper Milan Christopher and Miles to exploit for season 2.


When the ratchet telenolva returns — Milan and Miles, who are two gay Black males working in the rap industry — will be apart of a love triangle with Miles’s best friend /ex girlfriend Amber. Amber is also still in love with Miles but Miles is in love with Milan.

Miles & Milan


And the addition of Milan has a lot of the males on the show twisting in the wind. According to TMZ — Soulja Boy, Omarion, Mally Mall and Ray J —  who still need to show to keep their careers off life support, refuse to film with Milan. The list of names is ironic because most of them have been labeled gay before (Omarion & Chris Stokes .. etc)  The male cast members also want no parts of LHHH’s attempt to use them to boost the ratings, with a person that has zero cred in the rap/hip-hop game.


Judging by what is floating around on the interwebs — a sex tape (Milan is a bottom in the video), booty injections & attention whoring, Milan should fit right into the Love & Hip Hop circus.

milan-2 milan-1 milan-3


Milan known as Milan Blahnik was getting his vogue on


And Omarion tried to play dumb — like he had no idea a gay rapper joined the cast. He tried to keep it cute but he made it clear that Milan is cool, as long he stays in his lane & out of his storyline. Is Omarion scared that Milan will eat his booty like groceries ?


Stephanie Gayle — the executive producer for the Love & Hip Hop franchise is calling B.S on the TMZ story. She said that Omarion, Soulja Boy, Ray J..etc didn’t know Milan was on the show.

Convenient timing for this story to “leak” because no one was really checking for LHHH season 2 before they hired a gay rapper.

And the prime suspect is Milan..


Stephanie & Milan


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