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Full Fight: Watch Joseline Go From 0 to 100 on Karlie Redd


Karlie should have known what was in store for her when she saw Joseline practicing her street fighter moves on stage.



But Karlie decided to enter the lions den anyway — and it took less than 5 seconds for her to go into messy mode.

Of course Mimi knew that’s exactly what she was going to do …

Karlie then let Joseline know that Stevie asked Mimi to move with him to L.A

Joseline was in the process of going from to 0 to 100 because she was reading a letter from Stevie.

And it’s no secret that Joseline takes out her anger issues on the closest target.

Karlie should have taken the hint to tread lightly & she didn’t.


Joseline put those street fighter moves in effect and put Karlie & her roses out of her dressing room.


And if the scene with the roses is familiar to you — it is



After Joseline gave Karlie the boot out of her dressing room — Karlie looked genuinely hurt



Showing no remorse, Joseline goes back to reading the letter — while Karlie is reading her.


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