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Dee Barnes Still Has Migraine Headaches From The Dr. Dre Beating


It all makes sense now …

If anyone has paid attention to the press director F. Gary Gray has done for Straight Outta Compton — you know he becomes very defensive whenever he is asked a question about N.W.A.’s mysigogy.

He played reverse psychology on a journalist who dared to ask him about the degrading scene in the movie where the origin of the now tired comeback “ByeFelicia” was fictionalized.

F. Gary Gray tries to make her feel stupid for asking the question because – If the champion of women Oprah is praising the movie, then what N.W.A. stood for isn’t so bad after all.

That’s just an awful question. You know. It’s like, if Oprah says it’s a powerful movie, and we know how she feels about how women are depicted in film and entertainment and things like that — I feel like you’re digging. We should be focusing on how the police are treating innocent American citizens. What about that? Let’s talk about something as important, if not more important, if you really want to go there.”

It should be no surprise that the Straight Outta Compton director has been shutting down those who try to come for N.W.A.

Dee Barnes pointed out in her excellent post — that he was the cameraman during the now infamous episode of Pump It Up, that led to her being assaulted by Dr. Dre.

Obviously F. Gary Gray’s loyalty to Dr. Dre and Ice Cube over the years has been well rewarded.

F. Gary Gray the cameraman on Pump It Up


And even though she did nothing wrong, Dee is still being treated like she was the one who committed a crime because no one in the industry will hire her.

It’s not surprising because it’s obvious that 50 yr old Dr. Dre and 46 yr old Ice Cube still have that same dismissive attitude towards women.

And that attitude is indicative of a lot of the responses to Dee’s story because the ass kissing apologists rushed to Dr. Dre’s defense — like he is the victim.

Dee still has migraine headaches from the beating.

Dee Today


This weeks “I see what you did there” moment involves Dr. Dre, Ice Cube & F. Gary Gray, who have done quite the revisionist history on N.W.A.

The L.A Times reported that the Dee Barnes beating was in the original script. We know damn well Dee never threw a drink on Dr. Dre (who made sure he practically walked on water in Straight Outta Compton) before the assault but that’s what happened according to F. Gary Gray & crew.

They wanted to put it out there that Dee somehow deserved being assaulted, which is classic victim blaming.


Dee’s story

Story on the original script

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