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The Booty Warrior — Fleece Johnson Is Now On The Loose

The Booty Warrior will be the 1st one to tell you — if he likes ya and wants you, you can do it the easy way or the hard way.


That infamous Lockup segment inside the Kentucky State Penitentiary that inspired the classic “you cannot take my booty” Boondocks episode had plenty of men shook.



Because Fleece Johnson let everyone know that the thirst for fresh booty in the pen was more important than water. But now men on the outside have every reason to be afraid because The Booty Warrior, who has institutionalized for over 30 years is set to be unleashed on Sep 1st.




And It seemed like Fleece’s days as a young booty hunting warrior were long over but at the same time — The Booty Bandit gave every indication that those predator instincts will never die.

Because Fleece has yet to hear the word NO



Life outside the pen is like kryptonite to many career criminals — so it’s going to be interesting to see if The Booty Warrior winds up back prison before 2015 ends.


Latest mug shot of the old & weary Booty Warriorfleece-booty-warrior

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