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LHHATL Season 4 Part 2 Reunion: 4 Things To Know

Admit it, not only did Joseline actually show growth as a person but her performance was pretty good.

And a lot of people around like interwebs had issue with the “killing like breast cancer” line but this is Joseline we are talking about — why are people expecting her to keep it classy all of a sudden.



Stevie acting like he won another Grammy after Mimi & Joseline hugged was funny as hell because “The Good Guy” finally got the big & happy family he always wanted.




Joseline got Rasheeda together

We know what happened last season to those people who pissed Joseline off. Zino and Althea got the boot and Tammy got her ponytail snatched. Rasheeda was clearly scared after Joseline confronted her because she made an emergency exit from the reunion after the segment.

Obviously the so called “Boss Chick” didn’t want to be on the recieving end of a Joseline beatdown.





Scrappy & Erica — a little to real for “Reality TV”

You had a feeling that if the cameras weren’t there, Erica would have picked up the phone and dialed 911 on Scrappy. And even the cast members who live for stirring up shit looked uncomfortable watching Erica & Scrappy cuss each other out. But it’s obvious the issue between them goes way deeper than child support.

And besides it wasn’t that long ago that Scrappy used the oldest trifling man trick in the book — another woman’s name for his bills.

Soo why is Erica expecting this man to be on point with his child support ?



Scrappy still has a outstanding debt on the blowjob he got from Momma Dee’s ho.



Ok… Margeaux¬†thought she was above watching The Good Guy & The Puerto Rican Princess perform. She stormed off the stage because she thinks that Joseline is trash & has no talent. Umm — did she forget what show she is on ?


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