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2 Evil ATL Brothers Tried To Kill Their Parents & Set A Fire

These days an unhinged child might start plotting to kill one or both parents because mom & dad — dared to do something called discipline by taking away their Iphone & laptop.

According to Gwinnett County Police, they are still trying to zero in on a motive as to why Cameron Ervin, 17, and Christopher Ervin, 22 — tried to kill their parents.


Yvonne Ervin, who is seriously injured according to reports, was able to call 911 on Cameron & Christopher because her husband Zachary Ervin distracted them. When police arrived at the crime scene on Saturday, they found Zachary Ervin with multiple stab wounds at their Gwinnett County home.

Both parents are expected to survive.


This crime definitely comes off premeditated because the demon seeds made a calculated decision to tamper with the gas line, so they could make sure their parents were dead by setting the house on fire.



We probably won’t know for sure why Cameron & Christopher committed such a demonic act until their parents are well enough to speak.

And according to no prior criminal history was found online.


Update: Shocking picture of Yvonne Ervin after her sons tried to kill her.


According to the transcript of her 911 call — Cameron & Christopher tried to drug their parents by putting Xanax in their drinks.  Yvonne Ervin was beaten & strangled and Zachary Ervin was stabbed & beaten with a shotgun.

As for the possible motive Yvonne made this comment during the 911 call

“I don’t know why they’ve done this. I really don’t. I guess they wanted the insurance money. I’m not sure.”


From Yvonne Ervin’s Facebook — she has since deleted this post



Update 2: has more info about the case 

Christopher and Cameron Ervin drugged their parents with Xanax, cut the gas line, thew a candle in the fireplace & waited outside for 2 hours for the explosion.

When the explosion didn’t happen they went back inside of the house where 17 yr old Cameron stabbed his dad with Christopher’s help.

Cameron & Christopher are trying to blame the attack on a “bad home life” but investigators have yet to find anything to support their claim.

Twanda Wadlington, Cameron & Chridstopher’s half-sister — who lives in Memphis posted a Facebook message that had nothing but kind words for Zachary Ervin for his 50th B Day.


Update 3: According to Fox 5 in ATL — they had the nerve to ask for bail.



Update 4: According to the Gwinnett County DA — Cameron & Christopher didn’t want to do the things responsible men do, like work and pay the bills. 

Also the demon seeds waived their 1st court apperance. 

The best I can tell you is that, according to their statements, they were unhappy with some of the rules and some of the requirements the parents had placed on them,” Porter told the Daily Post. “Some of those had to do with things like, ‘Go out and get a job,’ or ‘We’re going to make you pay rent.’”

That potential motive was among the information likely to come out for the first time earlier Friday during a probable cause hearing for the Snellville-area brothers, 22 and 17, but their attorneys waived the right to have police present the evidence. Thomas Clegg, attorney for Christopher Ervin, the older brother, said the choice to skip the court appearance was partly to keep the allegations against the Shiloh High graduates from being repeated “ad nauseum”

Link to Gwinnett Daily Post Article 


Update #5 

According to the search warrant affidavit,”One of the sons also stated that he had been planning this since he was 11 years old.”

Yvonne Ervin told police that “during the attack the sons poured an unknown substance on her and then she felt heat on the back of her leg and she believed this was an attempt to set her on fire.”


Cameron & Christopher being booked


The Ervin brothers have been charged with two counts of aggravated assault and two counts of first-degree arson. 17-year-old Cameron will be tried as an adult. The demon seeds are scheduled for a preliminary hearing on Sep 11th.


For More — including the transcript to the 911 call


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