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Disgusting Pic: Baby Sucks On Toes Of A 15 yr Old In Daycare

A 15-year-old girl needs her ass beat into next week for taking a picture of her bacteria filled toes in the mouth of a 7 month old baby in a Gaffney, South Carolina daycare.

The picture of course went viral & got the attention of many mothers who drop their kids off at the home.

And no one should be surprised that the home was not registered as a legit day care center.

The bootleg daycare had the nerve to have a no trespassing sign 


Stuff like this is exactly why mothers don’t trust a lot of people around their children. And what’s disturbing about the pic is that this nasty girl is clearly taking advantage of the fact that the baby isn’t old enough to say anything.

The 15-year-old is not related to the baby & isn’t facing charges.

This story makes you wonder what else was going on in that house.

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