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If You Missed It: Angie Stone & Diamond On The T.D. Jakes Show

Angie Stone spent a lot of time on reality tv, playing Iyanla Vanzant trying to fix the lives of the Atlanta Divas — while her relationship with Diamond was on life support.

Months after Angie’s arrest it was up to T.D. Jakes to try to restore a mother & daughter relationship that is full of guilt, anger & resentment.

Angie started off by saying that she had to leave Diamond with her parents for her own safety.

Diamond was in b*tch please mode backstage


Angie also feels like she is just ‘existing’ to give her family things.

Diamond described her relationship with her mother as — strained, awkward and confusing. She also said that it’s hard to communicate with someone like Angie, who is used to getting her way. Diamond feels like has always been in her mother’s shadow because she is nobody compared to her. Also Angie doesn’t behave like a mother because Diamond has never been able to come to her for love & support.

Angie is sitting there like she is hearing this for the 1st time.


Diamond said Angie is extremely critical of her career but has been very supportive of other singers.

T.D. tried to take it to church several times because the audience kept on clapping like it was Sunday.

Angie has a lot of resentment to. She described one Christmas where she brought her family members 5-6 things but she didn’t get anything.

She considers the heart shaped penny that Diamond brought her as best gift she has ever received.

Angie admitted that it was easier to give gifts than herself. And she also didn’t appreciate Diamond┬áslandering her name on social media and calling her and her mother B*tches.


Diamond admitted that anger is the only thing that gets Angie’s attention.

Towards the end of the show Angie said that Diamond is intelligent and graduated from college, something she was never able to do. She also said that Diamond is a better singer but Diamond has to want it for herself because she is tired after 35 years in the game.

Diamond always felt like she was never good enough for her mother and she wants her to acknowledge she has feelings to.



A nice little bow was put on the episode when Mother & Daughter hugged it out. And hopefully the violence, anger and resentment is behind them.

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