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LHHH: Shhh Miles Doesn’t Want Anyone To Know He Is Gay

Monday’s premiere of LHHH season 2 had plenty of WTF moments.

Some of the cast members sounded like they were trying to remember their lines.

And LHHH introduced the newest additions to the ratchet telenovela —  Miles, Milan & Amber to tackle the very real issue of homosexuality in the Black community.


Milan avoided using he or she when talking about getting married & having kids with his bae, acting like no one read the story about the gay rapper or saw the videos of him voguing and being a bottom around the interwebs.

Miles said that his family doesn’t know, his sisters don’t know — no one knows he is gay. But he said it in front of a camera with close to 3 million people watching.

Add Miles’s ex-girlfriend/best friend Amber in the mix — and we have ratchet reality gold.



In a new interview with Kandi Koated Nights, Milan says that a lot of men in the industry who you think are straight are in fact gay. And he is not a top or bottom but versatile. 

He totally denies that he was the source of the “no one wanted to work with the gay rapper storyline.” Milan said he wanted to kill himself at one time because he had no role models to look up to as a young gay Black man.

The last time Milan had sex with women was in high school and he forced Miles’s hand to sign up for LHHH. He was also careful not to spill any tea about his storyline on LHHH.


Milan wants to hold hands, get married and start a family. Miles has struggled to accept his homosexuality — which is why he always wants to go to straight clubs with Milan.

Milan also said he has been in the studio with Omarion, so he doesn’t know why Omarion made those comments about his situation.

He currently has a successful business — while Miles is in school but Milan said that Miles helped him out a lot when he was struggling. Milan talked about having sexual relations with so called “straight” men. One of them said they wanted to come over & play video games but wound up taking his d*ck out. Milan also said that the “straight” men he has dealt with either want to be f*cked or get their d*cks sucked.

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