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WWE’s Unemployed Racists Zahra & Hulk Are Still In Denial

If anyone has paid attention to Hulk Hogan shenanigans over the years — you know that he is an egomaniac and a liar.

Currently on an apology tour for his racist rant, Hulk is doing the thing racists typically do — weasel out of taking full responsibility & play the victim. In a recent interview with GMA Hulk blames the mean streets of South Tampa for his use of the N-word.

Hulk also says that he wanted to commit suicide after the WWE pretended like he never existed. I bet Hulk is sorry that he got caught & he can no longer make WWE coin after his ex wifey bled him dry — because he knew full well that tape existed for years but he never opened his mouth to apologize.



WWE’s resident racist was Zahra Schreiber before she got the boot. And she likely would still be employed by the WWE if she kept on committing racial ratchetness against Blacks.

But the interwebs never forget thanks to screen shots because Zahra got caught up with the ultimate racial no no. Pro Nazi Instagram posts surfaced & the WWE didn’t hesitate to future endeavor her.

Yesterday Zahra tried to play the sympathy card by writing a thesis. She said that being fired broke her heart and spirit and that she is now unemployed due to posts she made before she got hired by the WWE. Zahra didn’t address the inappropriate posts she made about Blacks but said she is not anti-semitic.

Before she wrote a book report — Zahra tried it with that classic played out excuse — It was photoshop. Also she wants everyone to know what a great person she is. Zahra probably thought she was untouchable because she is smashing the WWE champion but she found out quick that Divas are a dime a dozen. zahra-facebook-2 zahra-facebook


Zahra Receipts






The latest racial ratchetness to surface from NXT involves Nhooph Al-Areebi AKA Jasmin Areebi.

And already the wrestling dirt sheets are trying to minimize what she wrote by saying she was only 17.

Zahra & Jasmin: Birds of a feather



Zahra got the boot because she committed the ultimate racial no no and Jasmin’s inappropriate tweets were directed towards Blacks — soo let’s see if the WWE gives the pink slip to Jasmin or sweeps the Tweets under the rug.


Update: As expected Jasmin is probably laughing her ass off now because she was able to get away with the “I was hacked & a minor” excuse — Michael Hayes is proud. 


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