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As Lamar Fights – People Are Getting Sick Of The Kardashians

As Lamar is fighting for his life, people are starting to look at the Kardashian’s sideways. There is something very creepy and sinister about the Kardashian parasites and their track record of attracting and using broken & troubled men like Scott, Lamar & Kanye.

All of these men have no siblings and at least one or two dead parents. Bruce and Rob have been struggling with themselves — Bruce is now Caitlyn and Rob has depression & weight issues. And it’s no coincidence that the two men who escaped — Reggie Bush & Kris Humphries have families and questioned the Kardashian family circus exerting control over their lives.

No one forced Lamar to take drugs, go to a whorehouse or agree to be apart of the Kardashian sideshow but the Kardashian’s poured gasoline on the fire by using the press & their shitty show to humiliate him & drag his name through the mud.

Lamar & Daughter Destiny


Before Lamar Odom met THAT family, he was known as a very good basketball player. But you would never know that Lamar had an actual career and championship rings — because he is now best known for being Khloe Kardashian’s husband. Now Lamar is fighting for his life and the Kardashian’s along with their tag team partners, TMZ & E! have made this into a three ring circus.

TMZ is leaking confidential medical info and E! reported that Kim canceled her baby shower and Lamar’s kids seem to be an afterthought because it’s now it’s all about how Khloe and the Kardashian’s feel.

E’s most read story


And there is a slimy whorehouse owner trying to get his 5 minutes of fame. Lamar was obviously a troubled person but it speaks volumes that Ex and current NBA players have nothing but kind words to say about him. Also it’s ironic that the Kardashian’s used TMZ to orchestrate a smear campagain against Lamar that portrayed him as an unstable, crackhead stalker but now they are the very ones that are acting soo concerned & calling the shots on his deathbed.

Now the Kardashian’s are trying to cover their asses against the backlash by releasing bullshit stories about Khloe and Lamar’s daughter bonding and how Kanye deserves a medal for taking care of the kids while the rest of the family rallies around a person they didn’t give a shit about a couple of days ago. 


As expected the Kardashian’s are working overtime to make sure Khloe emerges from this with a halo on her head. She is now the loving wife whose voice was soley responsible for bringing Lamar out of his coma. And she is the best thing to ever happen to him according to Lamar’s former coach. I guess the oxygen, meds, machines & Lamar’s blood family had nothing to do with it.

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