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Ann Coulter Puts Professional Coon Raven Symone In Her Place

You know you need to re-evaluate your life when ….

1. Your own father refused to condone your shenanigans.

2. And when a lot Black folk applauded Ann Coulter of all people — for snatching your edges because of the bullshit you keep on spewing.

Raven Symone got a taste of her own medicine again. A couple of days ago, she set herself up to be taken down a notch (again) when she had the nerve to call Ann Coulter out for making a career out of mudslinging. Things officially entered the Twilight Zone when Ann Coulter started to make sense.

She turned the tables on Raven by reminding her of the¬†Watermelondrea fuckery. The professional coon couldn’t even come up with a response and no one else on the panel came to her defense.


What’s telling is that Raven loves poking the hornet’s nest on Black Twitter but she was mysteriously silent on social media after Ann shut her up.

Raven’s priceless facial expression after Ann took her down a notch.



Even Raven’s now ex girlfriend AzMarie was tired of her sh*t. AzMarie’s tweet after the¬†Watermelondrea fiasco.


AzMarie & Raven – happier times



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