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Toya Graham — The Baltimore Beatdown Mom Is Broke

Fox News and other mainstream media outlets applauded her for preventing her only son from becoming one of the many Blacks who were refered to as thugs, animals and savages during the Baltimore riots.

But Toya Graham found out the hard way what happens once your 15 minutes of fame are over. She never got to meet Michelle Obama. The book offer, job, scholarships and reality TV show never happened. The woman hailed as a “hero” and “Mother of the year” is now working making 10 dollars an hour shuttling addicts from a halfway house to a treatment center. Toya also received an eviction notice because she owes 1,381.50 in back rent.

The 10 G’s she received from GofundMe is gone. The 15,000 check that Oprah wrote Toya was used to buy a car and to pay off debt.

A leech who calls herself Dr. D is trying to extend Toya’s 15 minutes of fame. The promoter/manager/advisor believes that Toya is going to be a star and “The mom of the United States”. Also 12 percent of the Baltimore beat down mom’s earnings will go into Dr. D’s bank account due to the contract that Toya signed.

Toya & her son Michael


Toya’s brother Robert resented the attention that Toya received, so he went and told the press “She ain’t no hero mom”

Toya is hoping that the renewed interest in “What ever happened to the Baltimore Beatdown Mom”  will bring her some much needed cash.

But you wonder when will Toya realize she should do the very thing most of the people who made empty promises to her did when the Freddie Gray story was no longer on the front pages — move on.

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