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Missing RushCard Money = Russell Simmons Making Excuses

A lot of people thought that the RushCard went into the played out graveyard with BabyPhat & Phatfarm in 2008.

Fast Forward to 2015 and RushCard users are hotter than fish grease. They are demanding answers from Uncle Russell on social media over their missing funds. The financial fiasco is still unresolved heading into week 4 and people are still unable to pay their car notes, utility bills and rent.


And it’s obvious a huge number of RushCard users are still trying to locate their missing funds, while UniRush exec Rick Savard is trying to do damage control.

He told the WSJ the vast majority of customers received their $$,” adding that “a handful of people” are still not able to access their accounts.



Russell and his team blamed the missing money on a glitch in the system that happened on Oct 12th.

At first Uncle Russell did not approve of RushCard users blowing up the customer service line and contacting him through social media. Russell changed his tune once the mainstream media picked up the story and he caught wind of the investigation by The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and other groups.


While users are still flooding his account with story after story of bad customer service and financial hardship — Russell is posting kumbaya my lord quotes on Instagram.

He even had the nerve to ask for a pass for the day, so he can put on his “uniform”


But then again, if Uncle Russ would have stayed on top of this RushCard fiasco  — like he does with models half his age, every user would have received their money within days.



Just in time for the holidays — Rushcard is throwing their customers some crumbs by making those high ass fees go bye bye until Feb 2016.


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