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After The Lies – DL Boxer Yusaf Mack Finally Admits He Is Gay

At first Yusaf Mack wanted everyone to believe that he was drugged, when he basically tripped, fell and landed on a penis in a gay porno movie. Yusaf put two d*cks in his mouth, ate booty like groceries and looked anything but inexperienced being a bottom and kissing another man.

He thought he was going to get away with this B.S explanation, until DawgPoundUSA  — the company that paid Yusaf threatened to sue. They didn’t like it one bit that Yusaf was trying to smear their good name by claiming that he was drugged and forced to shoot the movie. Yusaf then tried to clean it up by declaring that he was bisexual.

The Philly boxer also confessed that he was totally aware he was shooting a threesome in a gay porno.


Yesterday Yusaf finally came out of the closet to Fox 29 News. He said that he knew he was gay for about 8 years. Engaged for 5 years until the story went viral, Yusaf said that he was with his fiance to “cover himself up”

The 35-year-old father of 10 apologized to everyone he hurt and admitted that he considered suicide.


His 23-year-old daughter told him to follow through with it because he embarrassed his family. Yusaf told Fox 29 news that he was desperate for money & none of his friends would help him so he did the gay porno for 4,500.

Yusaf had no idea when the film was coming out and actually thought no one in Philly would see it.

The reporters reaction after Yusaf dropped that gem — because after all his porno name is Philly.


You get the feeling that Yusaf would have stayed on the DL and married his fiance if the movie didn’t surface. And he likely would have went on to have more children to keep running away from the truth.

What’s sad about this story is that long after it has faded from the headlines — there are multiple women & 10 children who will have to deal with the fallout from Yusaf’s lies & deceit.


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Since this story…

The straight >>> bisexual & now gay boxer had a coming out party

Also Yusaf said in a recent interview that he and his oldest daughter — who told him to kill himself are now working on their relationship. His ex fiance has also been supportive.

Yusaf & his daughter..



Yusaf also confessed that he is attracted to transgender women because he doesn’t want someone muscular like him…


Which totally explains why he and transgender socialite Sidney Starr were pictured together.


sidney-starr-1 sidney-starr-2


Sidney revealed in an interview with 107.5 that she & Yusaf had sexual relations. And in case you are wondering — she does have a vagina.



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