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That Veterans Day GoogleDoodle Had White People In Their Feelings

If you were one of those people who knew immediately¬†after spotting the GoogleDoodle featuring veterans of color, that a certain group would find it offensive — you were correct.

Predictably a lot of White people aired their grievances on Twitter. Obviously it wasn’t enough that White veterans have been controlling the narrative in the media and history books for decades. Veterans of color and their stories have been treated as an afterthought more often than not.

To have Google acknowledge the contributions of Asians, Latinos, Blacks..etc that served and died on Veterans Day was a nice gesture.

But the reaction over a 24 hour Doodle on Twitter was telling. Some Whites were in their feelings because they felt excluded for one day — can you imagine the reaction once The United States becomes a minority majority country ?

Here are some of the Greatest Hits — and typical of Twitter people were dropping truth bombs and poking fun at the situation.



googledoodletweets googledoodletweets-1 googledoodletweets-2

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