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Detroit Kids Go To Schools With Filth, Mold, Mushrooms & Rodents

Last week the Powerball Jackpot was over 1 billion dollars and the so called “Greatest Country In The World” sends billions of dollars in aid to foreign countries every year.

But the children that attend Detroit’s Public Schools are being taught in buildings that need to be quarantined.

Those useless and lazy ass politicians in Michigan who let Detroit’s public schools deteriorate over the years have a lot of explaining to do.


Currently the teachers are protesting because they are fed up with the nasty and hazardous conditions.


And the twitter account @teachDetroit is raising awareness to let every one know how disgusting Detroit public schools are. 


Toilet water leaking from the ceiling, black mold, toxic air & rodent droppings are just some of the issues that Detroit teachers & kids have to deal with.


But the picture of mushrooms growing out of the wall not only sends my blood pressure rising, it makes me itch.


The two men who are currently responsible for this mess are Gov. Rick Snyder and the Emergency Manager of Detroit Public Schools — Darnell Earley.


Snyder appointed Early in Jan 2015 and it has been nothing but a disaster. And typical of do nothing politicians, Early’s office is lavish and clean — while Detroit public school students learn in filth.

Emergency Manager Offices



And more pics — inside of Detroit Public Schools





detroit-school-filth-5 detroit-school-filth-4


This is supposed to be the cleaning supply closet. On Jan 12th — Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan finally toured several Detroit Public Schools and found a dead mouse in one of them.

detroit-school-filth-3 detroit-school-filth-2




And it should be no surprise that all roads lead back to the gruesome twosome of Darnell Early & Rick Snyder when it comes to the #FlintWaterCrisis.

Snyder appointed Early as emergency manager to handle Flint Michigan’s water supply.


In April 2014 Early thought it was a great idea to get water from the toxic Flint River to save money.

As a result of this catastrophic decision – the water that the residents drink, cook & bathe in has been linked to 10 deaths from Legionnaires — a rise in the disease, skin lesions, possible long term brain damage in children and other health problems.

Lead filled toxic Flint water and the National Guard is now on the scene with bottled water & filters.




A woman and a child with skin rashes




Evidence of State Officials tampering with reports and outright lying about the high lead levels in the water.

The state tried dumping chlorine in the water, which made things worse because it became a bacteria breeding ground.flint-water-3


Michael Moore Tweeting the truth


The Attorney General of Michigan is investigating



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