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Steve Harvey & Miss Colombia – Still Milking That Pageant Fail

Steve Harvey is dragging out that dead horse to beat again in a very special and emotional two-part episode of his talk show.


Almost a month later Steve is having Miss Philippines and Miss Colombia as his guests to talk about the tragedy that occurred in Las Vegas. As we all know by now Steve announced the wrong name at the 2015 Miss Universe Pageant and all hell broke loose.


Colombians flooded Steve’s mentions with racial slurs….

A sampling of the racist messages..


And Steve spelled Philippines — Philippians in his apology on Twitter (which he has since corrected)


The internet never forgets — Steve’s original apology.


Afterwards Miss Colombia and the other contestants showed exactly why they didn’t win with their phony & catty behavior.


Even the President of Colombia put his 2 cents in by saying that Ariadna Gutierrez is “Still Our Queen Miss Universe”


The actual winner — Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach is handling all the fuckery the best she can, considering how she has to practically share her title with Ariadna Gutierrez.


As for Ariadna Gutierrez that entitlement complex that cost her the crown came through in a humorous way during her interview with Steve Harvey.

Miss Colombia’s apperance started with a hug that lasted for like 5 minutes. And Steve in all of his chewing scenery glory acted like he was pleading to the parole board for mercy.



After poking fun at Steve’s reading & comprehension skills with “You have to learn how to read cards, because it was on the card,” she then said “You wanted me to win.”



Miss Colombia had a point — the winner was clear as day on the card.



By now Ariadna has to realize that almost winning was the best thing to happen to her bank account because she is currently on the cover of Cosmo & just shot the cover of People Espanol.




And Steve isn’t done beating that dead horse, part 2 of “Miss Universe – The Truth” airs tomorrow — the same day he is scheduled to appear with Ariadna on Telemundo to talk about the pageant fail.

The numbers are in — Miss Universe: The Truth 1&2 = Steve’s highest rated shows.

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