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Tara Is Proud To Be Pregnant By Married, Dirty Feet Peter

The tit for tat game that Tara is playing with Amina culminated a couple of days ago when she revealed the worst kept secret on ratchet reality TV — Baby #3 is on the way and the father is Amina’s husband — old dirty feet Peter Gunz.


peter gets slapped

Even Dr. Jeff Gardere, who has been on 1,234 reality shows looked at Tara like he was totally disgusted.

Acting like her pregnancy came as such a shock — when she already has 2 kids, Tara couldn’t resist throwing another stab Amina’s way by posting a pregnant pic of herself (complete with a style list) on Instagram.



Cementing her title as bird of the year – Tara then gets into a Twitter fight with Amina.

Bird Logic: Tara acts like Peter was in a committed relationship with her when he met Amina — but she forget that deadbeat Pete was engaged to another chick when he met her.





The 13 Years A Sidechick star also took to Instagram to post passive aggressive messages about how happy her & the boys are over the new addition.


This is the same person who had the nerve to teach a etiquette class.




As for the man who set this fuckery in motion — old, broke dirty feet Peter…


Who convinced two bird brained women it was a great idea to move into the same building & had Tara sleeping on an air mattress — he posted a IDGAF message on Instagram.


In the end we know that Amina & Tara are going to stay exactly where they are. On Love & Hip Hop NY Season 15, Tara is probably still going to be the forever sidechick hoping to be get bumped up to wife status.


And Amina is going to be holding on to Peter for dear life just because it took her less than 2 years to get lying, dirty feet to put a ring on it.


And even though Amina had an abortion — we know she is going to try to even the score with Tara.


Since this story…


Tara revealed that she is having boy #3 with Peter..









Amina talks about her “situation” but we all know she will be there for LHHNY Season 7

“I don’t even know how to put it into words, but it’s like a never ending thing with Peter,” she said. “It seems every time you think it can’t get any worse, it just gets worse. I have given thought to not returning for another season, just because of the emotional drain that is happening or has happened again.”

“I thought of removing myself and not doing it again but we’ve already done it,” “We’ve already put everything out there. Our whole dramatic lives. It’s very rough sometimes emotionally, but I feel that everything is already out there.”


And Tara is still posting pregnancy photoshoots — complete with a GlamSquad list.



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