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Does Hillary Clinton Feel Like She Owns The Black Vote ?

A lot of people who watched the #DemDebate on Feb 11th, were not fooled one bit by Hillary Clinton saying Obama’s name about 1,656 times – to pander for Black votes.

She also used his name as a shield to avoid answering certain questions. Hillary, who likely still resents Obama for taking away The Presidency she always felt is rightfully hers, acted like 2008 never happened.

2008 — of course is when Hillary & Bill tried to sabotage Obama’s campaign by throwing a lot of racial shade. And due to the Democratic party taking the Black vote for granted, It’s obvious that the Clinton’s feel like they are entitled.


Now Hillary is painting herself as the candidate who will be the caretaker of Obama’s legacy. But we know how that will turn out because the #1 worldwide trending hashtag – #WhichHillary highlights how two-faced she is.


A sampling of #WhichHillary on Twitter

whichhillary2 whichhillary1


As the South Carolina primary nears, the Clinton campaign is counting on the blind loyalty from lot of African-American’s. It’s also telling that Blacks have been refered to as Hillary’s firewall, as if they are sheep who will vote for her because of Bill & the D beside her name — no questions asked.


Well …. Ashley Williams was determined to get an answer from Hillary for that the infamous “super-predator” comment & other shady comments about Blacks.






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