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Did Kanye & Khloe Ghostwrite Kim’s Clapbacks to Bette, Piers & Chloe ?

It’s no secret that Kim Kardashian shamelessly gets off on the hate directed towards her.

The nude picture she used to bait people into giving her the publicity she soo desperately wants worked like a charm. The legendary Bette Midler put her two cents in and the floodgates opened.

Other celebs like Piers Morgan & Chloe Moretz weighed in on Kim’s latest publicity stunt. And Kim clapbacked in a very un-Kim like way, which makes it easy to believe that Kanye or Kanye & Khloe formed a ghostwriting tag team on her Twitter.


But the following weak clapbacks have unstable stunt queen Kanye written all over them.

And Bette, Piers and Chloe are easy targets because we know the Kardashian’s waved the white flag and surrendered when Amber rose ethered them.


kim-k-weak-clapback-2 kim-k-weak-clapback-1 kim-k-weak-clapback kim-k-weak-clapback-3


What unstable stunt queen Kanye responded to

Chloe Moretz’s tweet..

I truly hope you realize how important setting goals are for young women, teaching them we have… Click to Tweet




Bette responded to Kim/Kanye’s fake friend tweet



Right now Kris & Kim probably have Cheshire cat grins on their faces because their mission was accomplished. Piers Morgan wrote an article on Kim, & the legendary Bette Midler responded again.


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