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Finally: 9-Yr-Old Tyshawn Lee’s Killer Is Charged With 1st Degree Murder


On Nov 2nd 2015, 9-yr-old Tyshawn Lee was lured into an alley by gang members out for revenge & executed in Chicago.

But the focus quickly shifted to Tyshawn’s ain’t shit parents – Pierre Stokes and Karla Lee. Misuse of GoFundme money to buy a car, hustling T-shirts for money & a trip to Vegas after the funeral (and a alledged suicide attempt) overshadowed Tyshawn’s death.

Yesterday, Cook County’s State Attorney General announced that the trigger man — Dwright Boone-Doty, will be charged with 1st degree murder.


Dwright Boone-Doty is a disturbed and sick man. He was secretly recorded by another inmate laughing at how he shot Tyshawn in the head, looked him in the face before executing him — wrote about killing the 9 yr old in a rap song, and revealed plans to torture Tyshawn by cutting off his fingers and ears.

This all started due to Tyshawn’s father because he is a alleged member of Killa Ward – a division of The Gangsta Diciples Gang.

All of the psychos — Dwright Boone-Doty, Corey Morgan and Kevin Edwards who killed Tyshawn belong to the Bang Bang Gang/Terror Dome Division of the Black P Stones.


Corey’s brother was killed & his mother was wounded – which is a huge no no. Corey & the other psycho’s went out looking for family members to kill from the rival gang.

Tyshawn’s grandmother (who actually raised him) was the original target. The three psychos then decided to kill Tyshawn after they saw him with his father. The cowards waited until Tyshawn was alone to lure him to his death while he was playing basketball in Dawes Park.

Tyshawn’s mother Karla – who has said she will never have another child.


Dwright Boone-Doty & Corey Morgan are in custody & Kevin Edwards is still on the run. It’s no secret inmates do not like cowards who kill kids – soo Dwright Boone-Doty will no doubt get quite the welcome in the pen – after he is convicted.


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