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#NeverForget: Kim Matches A Stroller To North’s Skin Tone

Today – we take a look back on a very special Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s episode that aired almost 3 years ago.


A vapid and colorstruck Kim appeared to be a fixated on her unborn daughter’s skin tone, so she could match it to the stroller she was trying to assemble.


Scott of all people gave Kim a dose a reality, when he reminded her that her child will be Black – because he sensed that she was preoccupied with her child’s skin tone for reasons that went beyond the stroller.


Kim was visibly annoyed after hearing her unborn child being refered to as black & insisted that her child will be ‘a variation of a skin tone’


Scott, who had a “she gonna learn” look on his face reiterated that her child will be black.


Kim definitely gave off the impression that she was expecting her child to look like Nahla Aubrey or another light-skinned — racially ambiguous looking child.


But genetics has a way of flipping the script because both of Kim’s children aren’t exactly racially ambiguous and light-skinned. Scott was right after all.


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