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Kim Kardashian Plays Victim After Nude PR Stunt With Fake Feminism

What do you do if you’re a shameless attention whore who feels slighted because publicity stunt #3,345 backfired ?

Well if you are a master at PR like Kim Kardashian, you play the victim and get on your soapbox. You justify your attention whore antics by preaching about empowerment/feminism to try to shame those very people who criticized you.

And in an ironic twist – Amber Rose, the one person who knows a thing or two about slut shaming comes to your defense.

But where was Kim’s empowerment spiel when her stunt queen husband was saying derogatory things about Amber Rose ?


Excerpt from Kim’s self-serving open letter.



Most who saw Kim’s one trick pony act knew what it was about right away & dismissed it. But celebs like Bette Midler and Piers Morgan fell into the trap and gave the nude pic pr stunt more attention than it deserved.


The press and those who will never admit to falling for the Kardashian click bait are responsible for creating the monster – soo it’s a moot point to keep wishing they will go away because it’s clear they aren’t going anywhere.


Who can forget these recent cases of fake feminism for social media. 

UK Women bleeding freely to protest tampon tax



And the attention whore fake feminist who decided to make “cunt bread” with her vaginal yeast.

She ate it and reported that the bread was “absolutely heavenly” after she put butter on it.

vag-yeast-bread vag-yeast-bread-1



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