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Maria Sharapova: Apologists Are Making Excuses For Her Doping

A lot of people are giving Maria Sharapova the benefit of the doubt. Her carefully orchestrated “I didn’t know” act put her endorsement deals in limbo with the quickness and made her a sympathetic figure for being sooo “responsible” “classy” and “courageous”.


But we all know that if it was Serena Williams who got caught doping – the tennis world & all of the haters would be ready with pitchforks demanding that she be stripped of all of her Olympic medals, endorsements and championships.


Serena kept it cute with her statement but we know there is no way in hell Sharapova would be sympathetic if the shoe was on the other foot.


Maria wants everyone to believe that a family history of heart trouble, and other aliments drove her to Russian doctors who gave her Meldonium for 10 yrs – a drug that is not FDA approved & banned throughout most of Europe.


She was being sneaky, exploited a loophole and played a game with the WADA by taking one of the drugs they didn’t officially list as illegal until Jan 2016.  Her hand was forced into making that so-called “courageous” announcement because she knew that the Australian tennis officials weren’t going to cover for her.


According to The Times — Maria’s naive act, & pre diabetes ying yang is bullshit. She was soo concerned for health that she created a candy company – Sugarpova. 



Maria is playing the victim role well because she knows there is a high chance the companies that expressed fake outrage when they suspended her contract will welcome her back with open arms when her doping becomes an afterthought.


Also It’s telling how no one in the tennis world is demanding that Maria be stripped of medals & championships — double standards.


Jennifer Capriati is one of the only ones that kept it real..


Madison Keys & James Blake are being very PC of course and applauded Maria for her “honest mistake”


madison-statement james-blake-statement


The boom was lowered on Martina Hingis – with a 2 yr ban after her skills diminished & she tested positive for cocaine. The tennis world covered for Agassi & his drug use because was/is likable & generated a lot of money.


It’s funny how Chris Evert & Martina Navratilova — the O.G tennis players who were itching for Serena to test positive for a substance are soo compassionate towards Maria.


Chris & Martina insinuated that Serena was doping when she was sick at Wimbledon (when in fact she is probably the most tested player on the tour)

martina-statement martina-statement-1 chris-evert-statement


But Martina & Chris changed their tune when it comes to Maria Sharapova.

martina-statement-3 martina-statement-2 chris-evert-statement-1


Just a sampling of the apologists making excuses for Maria – who was still mediocre compared to Serena when she was taking Meldonium.

They were all up in Serena’s Instagram mentions.

maria-excuses-1 maria-excuses-2 maria-excuses


Link To The Full Times Article About Maria Being Warned Multiple Times


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