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Whole Foods Tries To Scam Customers Again With 6.00 Oranges

Whole Foods – our favorite pretentious overpriced health food chain is back in the news yet again, for all of the wrong reasons.


Thanks to a picture of 5.99 per lb peeled oranges encased in plastic that went viral, Whole Foods is on the defensive. They got lit up on Twitter a couple of months ago, when they thought they could get away with selling stalks of asparagus in water for 9.00.


Whole Foods of course appeals to the consumer who feels they are a little bit better than average because after all – they will live to be 102 years old because they eat 15.00 – 40 grain bread from seeds planted in pure Tibetan┬ásoil.


This time Twitter users didn’t like it one bit that Whole Foods, who call themselves “America’s Healthiest Grocery Store” didn’t leave the orange in its natural state & used plastic that is toxic to the environment.


As expected – Whole Paycheck responded to the controversy by playing dumb – calling the pre-peeled oranges a mistake.


Let’s stay tuned for what Whole Foods comes up with next to try to fleece customers out of more money.

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