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Jim Crow Realness: Elvis Sits & Waits – While A Black Woman Stands

The look on this unknown woman’s face says it all. She looks like she is sick & tired of being treated like a subhuman but there isn’t much she can do about it.

What’s interesting about this photo is that notorious culture vulture Elvis Presley looks quite used to his privileged status. It’s 1956 and Jim Crow is still the law of the land. Whites like Elvis were permitted to sit and eat their meal. The woman had to stand because she was prohibited from sitting. If the woman sat down, the police would have probably been called.

This picture also makes you wonder did someone spit in her food or put some other disgusting substance in it ?

And that look on the woman’s face is likely indicative of how a lot of black artists felt – when they watched Elvis get credit after he jacked their music & swag.



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