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Peter Gunz And His Sister Wives Tara & Amina Are Trolling Us

We know there was no way in hell Tara Wallace was going to pass up multiple opportunities to pour more salt on the wound

Before she gave birth to the ninth addition to Peter’s tribe of kids – Tara posted about 590 pregnancy pics, multiple smug & patronizing quotes about positivity and promo posts shilling the typical Instagram products. Then pictures of her lavish baby shower surfaced. The married baby daddy – Sperminator Peter Gunz was there with his typical IDGAF smirk on his face.


Not to be outdone, Peter’s wife/doormat Amina is still acting like no one knows she is pregnant with #10 by posting waist up selfies on Instagram.


With people flooding their social media mentions – It’s obvious that Peter, Tara & Amina’s love to keep the fuckery going because they are well aware that Mona will make their checks cease the second Amina & Tara stop acting like Peter is the last man on earth.

Peter’s trolling




When it comes to Sperminators a vasectomy¬†is useless (see Antonio Cromartie) soo we will all pretend that Amina’s obvious pregnancy doesn’t exist until the big reveal at the reunion.

Update – We know that Amina wasn’t going to let Tara be the last one to carry Dirty Feet’s seed, soo she got pregnant with another baby to use as a pawn in the twisted game all of them are playing.



With a name that sounds like it belongs to a member of a 80’s hair band, Gunner Ethan Pankey looks like he knows his mom is all kinds of wrong for using him as a prop to troll for publicity.




Soo how long before Tara becomes pregnant with child #4 (Peter’s 11th)



Amina got into this back & fourth on Twitter – in the end she said all of Peter’s kids are beautiful, including Gunner.




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