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No Lies Told: Cardi B Reads Peter Gunz For Filth

You know you need to get your life in order when a former stripper – who has been a LHHNY cast member for a minute did what no else has dared to do in 3 seasons – tell you the absolute truth & give your birdbrained sisterwives a life lesson.

Ain’t shit Peter Gunz thought he was going to get through another reunion show without being held accountable — again.

Cardi B put a stop to that when she told him ”¬†look what you gave Amina and Tara..babies and that’s it “


The hits kept coming when Cardi told Peter that he really doesn’t pay Tara & Amina’s rent. She also thanked god that Peter’s sperm wasn’t in her bloodstream – after he tried to insult her.

Cardi told ain’t shit Peter that he got Amina & Tara on TV looking stupid. She also asked him about the example he is setting for his daughters. Then she ethered him with – “You are a washed up N*gga who f*cks women’s life up & their reputations”

All Peter could do is tell her she was disrespectful. He also tried to slut shame Cardi & told her to go back to the basement where she got her butt shots and told her to fix her teeth.

What’s telling is that no one came to Peter’s defense. And judging by Self, Amina & Tara’s facial expressions, they had nothing to say – because they knew that Cardi was telling the truth.




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