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Beyonce Trolled A lot Of People Into Buying Lemonade

Lemonade – the album that Beyonce put on ice, likely due to fear of being completely overshadowed by Adele’s 25 finally dropped on April 25th. The album that has a lot of people playing guessing games – is currently being examined by Beyonce lovers & haters like it is the Zapruder film.


And we know these days – simply dropping an album on a pre determined date will not do. Beyonce knows this better than any other artist because she played everyone like a PS4 with the carefully calculated release of Lemonade. And Beyonce’s marketing strategy has worked like a charm because she has trolled a lot of people into playing detective with the line “Becky with the good hair” on the track Sorry – that put Jay Z on blast for his alleged cheating.


The Beyhive took over Rachel Roy’s Instagram mentions




The Beyhive went crazy and stung anyone who they believed fit the description of “Becky” The frenzy even had the actress that played Becky on Full House commenting. And even though Lemonade won’t do 25’s numbers – it is expected to sell close to 700,000 copies in its first week.


The trolling continued on the track “Daddy Lessons” during the spoken segment with the line “Are you a slave to the back of his hand” This led to Matthew Knowles issuing a statement saying that he never hit his daughter.


Also the reviews are either praising Beyonce for the effort like the lyrics are written by Jesus or criticizing her having others do all of the work – again.


Now comes word that  Jay Z wants to tell his side of the story on his album – GTFOH. Nobody wants to hear a pushing 50 rapper whine about his wife.


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