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Did Jada’s Self-Serving Oscar Rant Make Things Worse For Blacks ?

Now that the Oscars are loong over, it becomes even more obvious that if Will Smith was nominated for that horrid Nigerian accent (and acting) in Concussion, he along with his wife Jada Pinkett Smith would have been skinning and grinning on the red carpet.


But of course Jada had an issue with the Oscar White wash and it opened a can of worms. Academy members, who haven’t been relevant in decades cried foul and denied they were purposely excluding minority actors. Actors like Michael Caine & Henry Cavill flipped the script and called the Academy’s efforts to recognize more Blacks racist.


Mo’nique dropped her own truth bomb on Jada. Viola Davis was one of the few that eloquently expressed what Black actors go through. And of course the original Aunt Viv put her two cents in and ripped Jada a new one.


Trolls who can’t wait to point the finger at Blacks for playing victim tried to play divide and conquer with  “Why aren’t the Asian’s and Hispanics complaining” The NY Times stirred the pot by tweeting a link to the shade Latina  writer, director & editor Sonia Gonzalez-Martinez threw at #OscarsSoWhite with …

As far as #OscarsSoWhite, I don’t personally care about it, because this same problem has been around for years and years,” Ms. Gonzalez-Martinez said. “Latinos have always been on the verge, always hovering. So as hard as it is to make a web series, we’re doing it anyway because nobody is coming to us to give us an opportunity. We’re going to make it ourselves. We are going to tell the stories we want to tell.


All of the controversy shamed The Academy into making their mostly White community more diverse. The beneficiaries will be the over 300 people (Women, Asians, Lations..etc ) that were invited to join. Now you no doubt have a lot of people who resent the forced affirmative action.


And from this point forward Black Oscar winners will likely have to deal with that question – Did he/she really win because their performance was the best or did he/she win because the Academy is meeting their Black winner quota for the yr to shut people up about racism.


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